I moved to Milwaukee in the summer of 1995. The following year, the Pabst brewery closed its doors for good (from what I have been told, the two events are unrelated.) In the months that the brewery was still open when I moved to town, I never ventured up the hill on Juneau Ave. to check things out. Little did I know at the time (like none!) that this massive complex, spread out over 7 city blocks, would one day play a pretty cool role in my life. Such is life in the city that has more brewery history than any other.

PaulHeppAs a high school history teacher, I had the interest & the time during the summer to explore the history & architecture of the city. And that’s exactly what I would do. Whether by foot, bike, or car, I would spend many-a-time meandering (sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with a purpose) through the streets of Milwaukee proper. Over the course of a couple of decades, my fondness for Milwaukee, past & present, grew exponentially (ok, that might be statistically impossible to prove, but you get the idea).

Meanwhile, let’s move to the summer of 2012. That’s when, by complete happenstance, I came across the name Mike Brenner in an online article. Mike was an artist / gallery owner / musician who was about to launch Milwaukee’s newest microbrewery, not coincidentally named Brenner Brewing Co. After a few email exchanges, we met for a beer just a mere 3 blocks (coincidentally this time) from where the future brewery would call its home. Mike quickly sold me on his concept & I became his first investor that October. And rather than just sit at the bar, Mike has allowed me to give tours (fun!), bartend (fun!), bottle beer (not as fun!), & do things like travel to Denver last fall for the Great American Beer Fest where I sampled around 80 different brews (I’ll let you figure if that was fun or not!). And for all of this, thank you, Mike!

Over the course of this time, just as it did for Milwaukee’s history, my passion for all things craft beer has skyrocketed. Beer fests, craft beer bars, microbreweries – yes, yes, and yes!

So why Fun Beer Tours Milwaukee? Simple. Milwaukee has had a void of a Milwaukee-owned tour business devoted solely to the beer industry. There have been sporadic special tour events & there are certainly a host of breweries that have wonderful tours of their own. But nothing like this. My goal is to showcase the city’s rich brewery history with the best history tour possible (see “Beer Capital of the World” History + Beer Tour) & to showcase the city’s craft beer explosion (see Craft Beer Combo tours).

And with that being said, I would personally like to extend this invitation for you to join me.  This should be one FUN summer!


Paul Hepp

Owner / Guide – Fun Beer Tours Milwaukee