That is a very fair question and one that I will happily try to answer. Firstly, our tours aren’t strictly just a “beer only” nor “brewing history only” experience. It’s very much a blend of both. Even though in our 3-Craft Beer Combo series you’ll be guided to 3 microbreweries where you’ll sample delicious craft samples at each, you’ll still get an ample amount of brewing history. Meanwhile, even though history is a prime focus on our “Beer Capital of the World” History + Beer tour, you will get a behind-the-scenes tour of a microbrewery & be able to sample some of its fine craft beers.

historic-mke-breweryAs far as the brewing history component is concerned, we offer something quite exclusive from other tours across the country – the World’s Smallest Traveling Beer Museum. As a breweriana collector of Milwaukee-specific brewery artifacts, I have amassed a collection of 175+ items, to date, that we will rotate into the various tours for you to see first-hand. Several items date back to the 1800s when brewing was first on the rise in Milwaukee. You want to see a rare pre-Pabst glass that was produced by the PH Best Brewery in the 1880s? We got that! You want to see Civil War tokens used by Blatz, Miller, & Best as a means to purchase a mug of beer? We got those! You want to see cool ball knob tap handles of the 1930s & 40s from Schlitz, Pabst, Blatz, Miller, Gettelman, & Independent Milwaukee Brewery? We got you covered!

Additionally, Milwaukee is our home. We are very proud of it & want to showcase its wonderful aspects for all to experience. We want to promote the great historic & craft venues for area residents & visitors alike. Milwaukee is a city that needs to be experienced. And as a 20+ year resident myself, I would love to be the one to guide you along the way.

Finally, we want to give back to the people of Milwaukee. You will see that we will collaborate with a variety of charitable organizations to help raise funds for their worthy causes. If you feel like we could do something for your group, feel free to reach out to us & we can explore opportunities to team up as such.

Unique? I think so. But I invite you to try one (or more!) of our tours so you can find this out on your own!