One would be hard pressed to find another hotel as such anywhere else in the world. Combining elements of history, architecture, and sheer beauty, the Brewhouse Inn & Suites is not just one of Milwaukee’s finest hotels, but one of the city’s grandest buildings of any kind. Thus, it is in today’s historic brewery spotlight!

fbt-hotel2Dating back to the 1880s, the building was originally the brew house for the Pabst Brewing Co. Thus, the signature feature is the six copper brew kettles that line up majestically in the 5-story atrium and allow guests in one of the 90 suites of this boutique hotel to gaze down from their rooms upon the glory that once was for more than a century. And let’s not forget the great 2-story high stained glass window of the “unofficial” patron saint of beer, King Gambrinus. Originally commissioned by Captain Fred Pabst to inspire employees of the brewery and to welcome the public to their home away from home, this beauty had been boarded up for 16 years but has now been rightfully restored to its original splendor.

The brewery itself was shuttered in 1996. Essentially left to decay for two decades, the brew house began its resurrection in 2011 and opened to the public in April of 2013. To view photos of the “before” and compare it to the “today,” one would be simply amazed. And as a guest of the hotel, one can do just that as monitors near the brew kettles play on a constant loop to show this magnificent transformation.

Other design elements pay great heed to the historic nature of the building. Lumber from the building has been repurposed as headboards for the beds in each room. Cream City brick is displayed prominently throughout. One can even note the Carnegie stamps that still adorn the steel beams. The lobby itself is great fun as one can look up to see the inside of two of the massive kettles that were sawed off to create this truly fbt-hotel1unique architectural motif. Additionally, even the front desk is a work of art as 1550 bottles from Milwaukee breweries (and actually consumed by contractors when off the clock!) have been masterfully assembled together.

Guest rooms are spectacular. With steampunk and Victorian revisionist stylings, staying in a suite is like apartment living with a full kitchen, over-sized showers, and free Wi-Fi. And refurbished touches abound in each room. Connected to the hotel is the superb Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub. With an array of delicious menu items, craft cocktails (plus beer!), and a large patio space, one can cheerfully wile the day away just steps from his or her guest suite.

So, if you are a visitor to Milwaukee or an area resident looking for a “staycation,” do yourself a favor – book a sweet suite at the Brewhouse Inn & Suites!

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