Question. What does one write about when he has now has his own blog?
Answer. Anything he wants! (Well, “Most anything”…says my lawyer.)

So, this week, I want to take a moment to give “shout outs” to some people that have been awesome to work with thus far in my little adventure. In doing so, I’m creating the “FUN BEER” AWARDS that I will bestow on said people.

“What is the criteria for receiving a such an incredibly prestigious award,” you ask?

“None,” I say. Well, almost none.

One just needs to either have done something really cool Milwaukee-beer related and/or have done something to help me get Fun Beer Tours Milwaukee rolling. (And it helps if I like you.)

So, without further ado, here are the 8 inaugural recipients of the “FUN BEER” AWARDS:

Recipients of a FUN BEER AWARD will also be invited to write their very own guest blogs in this very location over the next few months. These may be the first 8… but there are certainly more to come. Stay tuned for future installments of the FUN BEER AWARDS throughout the summer! Maybe one day you’ll see YOUR name here!!