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Looking for answers? Try these.

How long are these tours?

2-4 hours, depending on the concept!

In legal-speak, what items do we need to know?

All patrons need to be at least 21 years old with valid ID.

A waiver agreeing to all terms & conditions of the tour needs to be signed prior to participation.

We try to adhere to the set stops on our tours as much as possible, but occasionally we may have to make adjustments due to situations out of our control (conflicts w/ one of the stops, road construction, Milwaukee runs out of beer… wait… what??)

Who should come on these tours?

A. Those that appreciate good beer & want to learn more about said good beer.
B. Those that are open to learning about some MKE brewery history along the way.
C. Those that can have fun in a responsible, appropriate manner & who do not intrude upon the fun of the other patrons on the tour.
D. ALL of the above. (Ding, ding – we have a winner!)

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, & Discover.
(No Monopoly money whatsoever… fool us once…)

When should we arrive?

Patrons should arrive 15 minutes early to check-in. Typically, one will be able to start the beer samples right away… if not sooner!

Where do we meet for the tours?

Prior to booking a tour, one should see in the subtext the site for a particular tour to meet. One will also see this info in the confirmation email.

What is appropriate attire for the tour?

Anything comfortable is appropriate.
(Fun Beer Tour Milwaukee t-shirts are super comfy. Just saying…)
If you sign up for a walking tour, one should dress appropriately for the weather.
Tours go on rain or shine!
(Fun Beer Tour Milwaukee hats are an excellent way to keep your head dry… in case you were wondering…)

Can I purchase merchandise?

Yes, you can purchase a Fun Beer Tours Milwaukee hat or t-shirt when you book your tour (delivered upon your arrival) or you can purchase them at the time of the tour (credit card or exact cash). (But if you keep trying to pass off that Monopoly money… no hat for you!)

You can also purchase merchandise (hats, tees, pint glasses, etc) at each of the craft brewery stops plus Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub and Best Place at the Historic Pabst.

Is tipping the guide or the driver expected?

Expected? If by expected you mean “Does one expect the sun to come up in the sky each morning?” Then, “No.” But any amount you ever offer up will be graciously appreciated. (Do we even need to broach that Monopoly money issue again?)

Where do we park?

See your confirmation email for exact details.

What is the cancellation policy?

It’s the policy that determines what happens to your $ if you cancel. In our case, full refunds 48 hours prior to the scheduled tour. Under 48 hours, credit towards future tours will be given. You may transfer a paid tour to another individual at any time.

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