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Price: $56 (lunch included!)

Tour the city that was home to 4 of the world’s top 10 biggest breweries of the 20th Century. See the Big 4 – Pabst, Schlitz, Blatz, & Miller – that made Milwaukee famous, plus several other historic beer-related sites including brewer mansions, extinct smaller breweries, & tied-house saloons. Interact with the World’s Smallest Traveling Beer Museum as you see & touch artifacts from the city with the richest brewery history in the nation! Begins and ends at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery.


  • Tour Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, the former corporate office of Captain Fred Pabst
  • See the original majestic Pabst brew kettles in the amazing Brewhouse Inn & Suites
  • Experience the Brown Bottle Pub, the original hospitality center in the Schlitz brewery complex
  • Take a shuttle tour of historic brewery landmarks in the city
  • Tour + craft samples @ Brenner Brewing Co, a great MKE micro-brewery *3 additional beers at stops along the way
  • Historic token of appreciation to take with you
  • LUNCH INCLUDED @ Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub downtown

Price: $34

The “5th Street Fun” Tour will help you experience Milwaukee’s exploding craft beer scene first-hand. The city will soon be home to more than 25 micro-breweries.  Take our walking tour as we navigate you around Brew City to sample delicious ales & lagers from 3 superb craft breweries. Plus, learn about Milwaukee’s rich brewery history & FUN beer trivia as you interact with artifacts from the World’s Smallest Traveling Beer Museum.  This is a short walking tour in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. Begins at Brenner Brewing Co, Milwaukee’s art-centric craft brewery. Additional stops are nano-brewery, Urban Harvest, set inside of an old theatre, and MobCraft Beer, the nation’s only crowd-sourced brewery.


  • A behind-the-scenes tour of a craft brewery to see how beer is made
    from brewing to bottling
  • Craft beer samples @ 3 Milwaukee micro-breweries

Looking for a really unique thing to do for an amazingly fun group outing? Try out our ROAD RALLY! (Essentially a team pub-crawl competition on steroids!)

What is a road rally?

  • a scavenger-type team activity where your team follows a set of clues to know where to go & what tasks to do according to a predetermined theme
  • pre-determined teams usually consist of 3-5 people
  • anywhere from 15-50+ people overall can participate
  • duration is around 3 hours from departure to return

This PARTICULAR road rally?

  • the theme: choose from All THINGS WISCONSIN! or ALL THINGS MILWAUKEE!
  • start & finish at Brenner Brewing Co in Walker’s Point
  • 3 surprise adult beverage locations along the way
  • walking distance will be no more than 1.5 miles total with rest stops mixed in
  • teams will depart at 8-minute intervals so there is some overlap at various stops, but teams will have to reply upon their own wits to figure out clues
  • a scorecard is completed by each team along the way in order to obtain points while answering questions or engaging in certain tasks – this card is turned into the judge (host) at the conclusion for final scoring
  • prizes for the winning team
  • participants must be willing to laugh a lot during the course of the day – no exceptions!

Perfect for

  • birthday parties
  • anniversary celebrations
  • corporate or organizational gigs
  • charity fund raisers

Please email or call for more details or to book your group


Starting price is $20 per person for a group of 10 with discounted rate for bigger groups

Games of Skill (kind of) + Games of Wit (kind of) + Pub Crawl = Group FUN!

Partner up with a friend to take on the others from your group in this interactive & light-hearted pub crawl challenge.  Start out with a private brewery tour of Brenner Brewing Co & then get your game on with bags, giant Jenga, retro arcade games, fun trivia, and more!

If doing this on a Saturday afternoon / eve, we can pair this up with the Dining with the Divas Drag Show at Hamburger Mary’s.

Please email or call for more details or to book your group.


Starting price is $20 per person for a group of 10 with discounted rate for bigger groups


*** Please call or email for dates and rates ***

Looking for a FUN group outing yet this fall or winter?  This tour is just the thing.  Brewery Tour + Beer + Bar Games + Bloodies + Bags + Beer Trivia = all things that are quintessential Milwaukee things to do! We can accommodate 15-34 people no matter what your reason is to partake in this FUN adventure.

Sample Itinerary

  • Bloodies & lunch at Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub in the historic Pabst complex
  • Tour of Brenner Brewing Co + craft beer samples
  • Tour of Third Space Brewing Co + craft beer samples
  • Bowling in the nation’s oldest bowling alley, the Holler House + full bar


Let Fun Beer Tours Milwaukee customize a private tour to suit your needs. Whether you are a couple in town for a few days, a small group looking to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or a large group looking for something truly unique to do, we can tailor a tour of Milwaukee that you will thoroughly enjoy! Email or call us for price quotes & available dates.

Possible Options

  • 1-3 people tour via car
  • up to 13 people tour via small shuttle bus
  • up to 33 people tour via large shuttle bus
  • up to 46 people tour via both shuttle busses


  • Private tour & craft beer samples @ Brenner Brewing Co
  • Lunch or dinner buffet @ Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub at the historic Pabst
  • Extensive historic brewery info & interaction with the World’s Smallest Traveling Beer Museum
  • Potential additional stops:
    • further micro-brewery or historic brewery sites
    • German beer garden
    • other quintessential Milwaukee destination


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